Though centrally located in the heart of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Bayswater offers the best opportunity in London to lose oneself in nature. Nestled right next to the largest green area in the country - the beautiful Hyde Park - Bayswater is perhaps the only place where you can find pristine terraced gardens, world class hotels, baroque palaces, historically chic shopping and horse riding stables all within a stones throw of each other.

The astute observer may notice that a high proportion of the local streets in this borough have some variation of the name River Westbourne. This is an homage to the eponymous river which used to flow through Bayswater. This rivers water was so pure and clean that it was sold abroad. Sadly, society marches on and development has diverted the Westbourne into underground channels and forced us to get our pure spring water shipped in from the Swiss Alps.

Though the river is gone, EOTs splendid Bayswater Escorts generate a current of sexy class that flows over the streets of Bayswater. Plunging into this hidden river of delight is, in our modest opinion, the single best way to enjoy your time in Bayswater.

Multi-talented, multi-cultural and multi-climactic, the EOT incall ladies of Bayswater all maintain discreet, convenient flats in the neighborhood offering you the perfect opportunity to duck out of the cosmopolitan streets and lose yourself for an hour, or more, in the company of a nubile nymphet.

If you are staying at one of Bayswaters many four star and above hotels, most any of our amorous escorts in Bayswater are more than happy to meet you there for an outcall and treat you to an encounter the intensity of which may make you feel that the long buried rivers of Westbourne could erupt from their subterranean shackles and submerge Bayswater in a flood of effervescent delight.