If you have ever been to this small area in the centre of London then you cannot help but have seen the magnificent Fountain of Venus that artistically - and spiritually - anchors Sloane Square. In case you have not brushed up on your Roman mythology recently; Venus was the goddess of, among other things, desire, sensuality, seduction and persuasive female charm.

She was, quite literally, the god of sex. How fitting is it then that Sloane Square has become a sort of modern day temple to venus. Though a vanishingly small number of people these days put any faith in the old gods, we cannot help but feel like our fabulous foxy escorts located in Sloane Square add to the sanctity of the Roman sex goddess London home.

Not only are our incall girls of the SW1W verging on goddess like beauty, but they are also dedicated to the ideals of Venus; namely, spreading the joy of seduction and engendering an awareness of the immense power of carnal pleasure.

Our Sloane Square contingent have discreet, well appointed and conveniently located incall flats that all serve as perfect oases where you can escape the hustle and bustle of central London and lose yourself with a woman of divine proportions and heavenly desires.

Our incomparable Escorts and our nubile companions are passionately exhilarated to visit your hotel! Our reception team are so happy to arrange an outcall booking even last minute. Rest assured that no matter what Sloane Square hotel you are staying at, our call girls will conduct themselves with grace and aplomb - the perfect companion for an hour, an evening or more.

Next time you happen to gaze upon the fountain of Venus and marvel at the water cascading off of her sculpted curves, know that, despite her relegation to a mythical figure, she still has many devoted priestesses nearby. Ringing up Escort on Top is the quickest way to summon one, or more, of them and lose yourself in a private fountain of gushing devotion.

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