If you are in London and into punishment and the sadistic ways of the world this is no surprise, Fetish Escorts are now very fashionable and the Latest craze! Nothing like a hot Mistress dressed in tight BDSM Gear and in total control of you Even if just for an erotic dark hour. What a sexy thought. Being gripped tightly between the Thighs of a powerful dominatrix Dressed in black latex with bondage toys - skilled with whips and chains. This thrilling kinkiness we bring to you with our ultimate London Fetish Escort Agency -providing extreme pleasurable satisfaction to the MAX!

Our priority is that your fantasies are explored with the perfect girl, Even your darkest kinkiest secrets dont phase our Top domination escorts. Nothing scares them, they are of the Gothic mysterious dark side of London where punishable thrills and fantasy is fulfilled. Londons SM and Domination scene is booming with Fetish Clubs like Isis, Black Whip Club and Spanking Clubs. The London Dungeon is a popular location for secret yet shocking Fetish Parties in London. Foreigners flock to London to visit a professional mistress if they want to enjoy naughty and wild evenings discreetly.

EOT Domination agency provides dominatrixes for the ultimate BDSM thrills in complete privacy and all bookings are handled secretly. That means you can relax with your gorgeous Latex Escort and fully enjoy your S&M experience. PVC outfits are unbelievably sexy and covered in luscious oil means black and red Latex stuck to a curvy ass and busty girl is the biggest turn on! To make things even hornier some role play costumes for fetishes have holes in the right places and this means clients can touch and see pussy throughout the whole session.

The London Fetish Scene - The UK has a booming Domination scene and all sorts of people can enjoy what ever pleasure they choose within the BDSM world. The most famous attraction is probably TORTURE GARDEN where a fetish escort is often invited even for just a few hours. Not many people know that TG is also a Latex Fetish Fashion Label as well as a performance Agency. Some clients attend Torture Garden as a one of novelty experience purely out of curiosity and an opportunity to dress up and have a role play party with friends. Others become avid followers and attend most London events and also international tours.

A lot of Domination Mistresses love to party and often get invited to such events. Another popular hang out are body art parties for those who are into escorts with tattoos. The edgy appeal of tattoos and body piercings is very complimentary to S and M and Fetish and often the two come together. A very modern and stylish look that some dominatrixes have to complete the dark and sexy image.