With Harrods on one side, the Victoria & Albert museum on the other and countless attractions in between, Knightsbridge is perhaps Londons
most popular tourist destination. The bright lights dazzle, the history entices and the shopping is indescribably lavish.

The origin of the actual word Knightsbridge is somewhat disputed but we prefer the literal interpretation: simply, a bridge for knights. The rubicon brave Londoners of yore crossed before challenging for the favors of dear maidens. We are hopelessly romantic, but making your fantasies come true is what these Escorts in Knightsbridge are all about and when you set forth across the bridge of knights we strive for nothing more than to deliver a fantasy those poor knights of olden times could hardly fathom.

In all of London there are only two officially recognized international retail centres and Knightsbridge happens to be one of them. EOT is happy to contribute our little part to the international flair of fantasic girls in Knightsbridge by representing the best of exotic courtesans from all over the globe with incalls right in the heart of the SW3. We represent an incredibly international cadre of knightsbridge escorts who are just dying to come to your Knightsbridge hotel for an encounter that will leave you breathless and satisfied.

The Bridge of Knights has transformed almost entirely since the days when it first got its name and is now the epicenter of prestige and style with shops, restaurants and hotels drenched in elegant exclusivity. However, noble sir, rest assured that if you cross the bridge there are many a maiden fair who are experts at tending at lance:) Just being in Knightsbridge one smells the luxury in the air, reminiscent of the expensive perfumes worn by precious escorts in Knightsbridge on excitable nights of shisha and luxury cars. Knightsbridge is an extravagant yet quaint location, picturesque and refined. It is an ideal central location for London visitors and businessmen.

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